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Martha Warrington


Martha Warrington has been a member of the Oregon Symphony viola section since 1984. During her tenure with the orchestra, Martha served one season as acting principal viola, several seasons as acting assistant principal viola, and seven years as the orchestra personnel manager. Martha has also worked behind the scenes, serving on numerous committees and helping with fundraising activities.
Prior to joining the Oregon Symphony, Martha was a member of the Toronto Symphony and the Cincinnati Symphony. She was also a member of the Cecilia String Quartet, a full-time professional quartet based in Toronto, and principal viola of Portland’s West Coast Chamber Orchestra during the 1980s.
Martha teaches both violin and viola, and also plays chamber music on both instruments.
Martha attended Stanford University and Principia College for her undergraduate studies, and received her M.A. from the University of Portland.
A native Oregonian, Martha enjoys hiking, traveling, reading, photography, and gardening.