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Sustaining Memberships - FAQ

What is a Sustaining Membership?

Sustaining Membership is an easy and effective way to support the Oregon Symphony programs you love through continuous monthly contributions with your credit or debit card. Because of their ongoing nature, Sustaining Memberships don’t need to be renewed each year. However, you can call us at any point and make changes to your membership.

How does my Sustaining Membership help the Symphony?

In addition to providing ongoing support for the Oregon Symphony, Sustaining Memberships save the Symphony money on postage and materials. And because they require fewer resources, they’re a more environmentally friendly option!

How can I make a Sustaining Membership gift?

It’s easy! Give online, or call Nik Walton, Annual Giving Manager, at 503-416-6314. You can set up monthly payments on your credit or debit card, specify the time of month you’d like the charge to occur, and specify if you want to receive benefits for your gift.

How do I update and change my Sustaining Membership?

To update card and billing info, change your monthly amount, or change your billing cycle, call Nik Walton at 503-416-6314 or Kristina Kindel at 503-416-6325.

Do I receive special benefits with a Sustaining Membership?

Yes! In addition to benefits you already receive for your giving level, you’ll be notified of concerts before the general public and will receive an invitation to a special behind-the-scenes event during the Symphony’s season!

Are there restrictions on the amount I give each month?

Only a few. We ask that your monthly amount be no less than $5. Other than that, you’re free to choose the amount that works best for you!

How is my membership level determined?

Your Sustaining Gift will be recognized at its overall annual total. For example, if you start a Sustaining Membership at $25 per month, you’ll be recognized as a $300 annual donor and will receive Overture Level membership benefits each year.

Do I need to do anything to renew my Sustaining Membership each year?

Nope! Your membership will continue year-to-year until you ask us to change something or cancel your membership. We’ll send you a reminder about your membership and a receipt for each tax year.

My credit/debit card’s expiration date changed, but my number did not.

No problem! Give us a call to let us know what your new expiration date is, and we’ll update it for you.

How and when can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. To change details of your Sustaining Membership, call Nik Walton at 503-416-6314 or Kristina Kindel at 503-416-6325.