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Ways of Giving Comparison Chart

Advantage to Donor Value to Symphony Tax Deductions Income Payment Taxation of Income

Bequest Defer gift until after your lifetime. Receives assets according to terms of donor’s will. Exempt from estate tax. Not applicable Not applicable

Retirement Plan
  • Simple process to name Oregon Symphony as beneficiary.
  • Avoids estate taxes.
Receives assets at donor’s death. No tax paid on what would otherwise be one of the most highly-taxed assets in estate. No effect on retirement plan payments to the donor. Not applicable

Life Insurance Make a substantial gift without a large cash outlay.
  • Receives cash benefit of policy at death of the donor (or surviving spouse).
  • Donor is responsible for any premiums.
May deduct cost of premiums if Symphony owns policy. Not applicable Not applicable

Retained Life Estate
  • Right to live on and use the property.
  • Removes property from estate.
  • Receives property at death of life estate holder.
  • Donor is responsible for property taxes and maintenance.
  • Immediate income tax deduction.
  • Reduces or eliminates capital gains tax.
  • Avoids estate tax on property.
No payment to donor, but donor retains use of property for life. Not applicable (donor continues to pay property taxes)

Charitable Gift Annuity
  • Income for life to donor or designee(s).
  • Tax deduction(s)
Receives remainder of assets at donor’s death.
  • Income tax deduction at time of gift.
  • Reduce or avoid capital gains tax
Receive fixed payments annually (or more frequently). Payments are only partially taxed.

Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Income for life to donor or designee(s).
  • Tax deduction(s).
Receives remainder of assets at donor’s death.
  • Income tax deduction at time of gift.
  • Avoids capital gains tax.
  • Estate tax savings.
Variable or fixed payments annually (or more frequently). Income must be reported; some forms may be tax-free.

Charitable Lead Trust Removes assets from estate and transfers them to beneficiaries at the end of the trust term. Receives income from gift during the term of the trust.
  • Income tax deduction for payments made to charity.
  • Reduces taxable estate.
No payment to donor. Income must be reported by donor if he/she takes a charitable income tax deduction.

Please contact the Oregon Symphony Development office at 503-228-4294 to discuss opportunities for planned giving or e-mail Foundation@orsymphony.org.