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Oregon Symphony Subscriber Benefits

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Here are a few more reasons to subscribe!

Subscribers to our Classical, Pops, Kids, and Choose Your Own Series receive the benefits listed below.

Free and Easy Exchanges

When schedules change, we’re standing by to easily exchange your tickets from one Classical, Pops, or Kids concert to another. As often as you need. Free.

Best Seats

Subscribers get priority seating. And the best seats are yours to keep, for years to come.

Biggest Savings

Subscribers get the best prices, period. We’ll also give you an extra 10% discount on any additional purchases you make – now and throughout the season. And you’ll never pay any additional handling fees.

Priority Status

Priority pre-sale opportunities for added concerts and special events. Special access to additional seats for you and your friends before they are available to the general public.

Rehearsal Passes – NEW

All Classical and Pops Series subscribers enjoy a complementary rehearsal pass for a unique, behind-the-scenes look at the Oregon Symphony.

Extended Payment Plan

Pay half now, the rest by July 5.

Insider Access

Get in on the action! Get to know our musicians throughout the year and a few other surprises as well.

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